Quiet Pianos

Visits to Miss Sally—white wine faced

Blinking blank cursors behind “the images of Europe” screen saver
She had been aspiring a novel
Behind dragonfly shades

Visits to Miss Sally—white wine faced
Like all her afternoons
Table set for tea and Gin thirteen
Behind tin soldiers on quiet pianos

White wine faces breathe Jesus
(Wonder, did he like white?
Thought he drank red)
Bible— trivial pursuit is waiting
If I knew Numbers from Corinthians

Lost Catechism curses
bookmarks on Iris-stamped butter pats
To our white wine faces
Chessmen cookies are common

White wine faces, our wining—
Blank document cursors and quiet pianos
Tinny toy soldiers ride dragonfly hands of gin
Full of jokers and Jesus is out of bounds

Morning is a dragonfly-bookmark of short-breadcrumbs
On an iris page.
Tea stains in the margins of our white wine faces.
Jacks are better to our jokers
in this room—quiet pianos
We two—dismissed tin soldiers in songs we can’t afford to play.


About Joe
I collect crazy, and catch kitchens on fire.

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