Kendal Street

Steve cracks a smile in the spray from the Red Eye can I toss him

the floorboards sigh against the drop in barometric pressure—We wait it out here.

Steal rockers creek out whispers of old bus stop schemes
plans we strung up with fishing line and beer tabs
yarned over nine years

Boots weathered and wanting to be outgrown
identical on the leather heels from tapping through the moments amidst the thunder

The table crowned in coffee stains cradled a dead deck of cards thinned and marked by games of hearts or trumped in spades between these one-eyed-jacks

Cumulonimbus carried off our chalk-outlined dreams
so we keep tally our failures carving lines in the sun beaten mahogany paint slowly pealing away

Wind chimes deluged in the riot time rain bellowing in catechizing tones where do you think you’re going

And everything is weighed out here.


About Joe
I collect crazy, and catch kitchens on fire.

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