Ode to My House

thick it sticks
the mortar
to bricks
enclosing every inch

stacked slabs surround
and bound
on top of soil rich

all four walls
stand tall
a roof as a coverlet

look in, look out
to tout
comfort and content

within its doors
lie hardwood
a warm fire lit

room by room
each one different

doors separate
sleep from wake
eating from

mornings shine through
turn to blue
while the house does stand still

sturdy and proud
this home is bound
to last;
happily filled.

One Response to Ode to My House

  1. Mary Gemberling says:

    Jami, I’ve read your writings and I really am impressed. Your descriptions really come to life when they are read. I only noticed one error and that would be in your Bible story. You called it the St. James Bible and it is the King James Bible.

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