Thanks For Your Support!

And we have a book! We couldn’t have produced “Good Vibes & Dirty Chai” without the generosity of our wonderful Kickstarter backers. A round of applause, please, for:

  • Neeraj Bansal
  • Stan and Sheila Bittinger
  • Donald and Sarah Broom
  • Ted and Relinda Broom
  • Bethany Chiarizio
  • Dan Corbin
  • Mary Gemberling
  • Grace Lopez
  • Cara Jette
  • Morgan Lee
  • Cindy Katancik Litzinger
  • Pam Margroff
  • Gail Mosites
  • Linda Nguyen
  • Lindsay Ryan Woge
  • Laura Tomko
  • Adam Tripp
  • Benjamin Stoehr
  • Kristine Whitco
  • Amy Wyatt

We are thrilled to have our words out there in the wild, thank you! If you didn’t get a chance to back this project on Kickstarter and would like to set your eyes upon our printed words, email us at


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