Whiskey Church Podcast (Episode 1)


At the beginning of 2013, a band of misfits decided to secede from the union. They formed the Honorable State of Whiskey. Every Sunday morning, FireFace, Carla (or Jocelyn? who knows) and Ansel Adams meet on the third floor of a war torn Bloomfield home to discuss topics personal and cultural quite honestly, publicly. This uncensored podcast weaves together experience and perception to answer questions that have no answers.

Also, church is an excellent excuse to drink on Sunday mornings.

Cheers from the Honorable State of Whiskey… all the way to your speakers and earbuds.

With less than best intentions,

Ansel Adams


One Response to Whiskey Church Podcast (Episode 1)

  1. Restless says:

    Reblogged this on Restless Obscurity and commented:
    A podcast that I am a part of under the stage name of Ansel Adams. Enjoy some Whiskey Church. This is an old episode posted over a month ago. I will post the newer episodes over the course of the next few days. Otherwise, you can listen at thegarageleague.org

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