IMPRESS & EXPRESS YOURSELF: extend personal and social boundaries. 


  • Publicly voice your opposition to (or support for) the status quo.


  • Share something meaningful/personal with a group of strangers.


  • Introduce yourself in a new way & without words. (Introduce your Essence.)


  • Create a speaking place for aesthetics, expression, and dialogue.


  • Write a provocative question/statement & randomly distribute it to strangers.


  • Creatively express (or scream!) your fears &/or secrets in a public place.


  • Make your mark on city walls. (Beautify something old!)


  • Wear (or do!) something that you have to explain & creatively explain it. Justify it!


  • Define & discuss the essence of a person/place/thing with someone.


  • Share (or give away!) a passion or hobby.


Respond with your challenge results to @thegarageleague on twitter!

You can add new challenges as a comment on this page, as well!

We look forward to hearing your voices and partaking in your growth as artist and writer! 








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