The Authors

Andrea Laurion

Andrea Laurion is a writer, coffee drinker, and thrift store scrounger. She’s a big fan of libraries, karaoke, gin & tonics, staying up late and improv comedy. She lives in Pittsburgh’s Little Italy with her cat, Harold, and her misadventures can be found at

Chad Christopher

“Why not be utterly changed into fire.”

B.S. in Secondary Education; B.A. in English; Minor in Sociology at Duquesne University

Chad Christopher Whitco is a proud-to-be, born-and-raised Yinzer. A self-proclaimed Kerouacian Hobo, Chad incessantly thinks and writes about life’s Big Questions while pursuing paths as youth worker, spiritual wanderer, conscious citizen and explorer of an intimate city landscape in western Pennsylvania.

Jami Broom

Jami Broom has a passion for turning true events into compelling stories. She loves taking on philosophical and religious topics, analyzing all available information and data, and breaking down complex topics into written formats that are simplistic, enlightening, and funny. She is an amateur traveler, yogini, musician, reader, marketer, songwriter, hiker, blogger, grant writer, and entrepreneur. She is a professional truth-seeker and adapter of change. Jami graduated from The University of Pittsburgh years and years ago.


I collect crazy and catch kitchens on fire.”

B.A. in Creative Writing at Duquesne University

Joseph currently works as a line cook while taking part in independent artistic endeavors with his friends. In his free time he enjoys hat shopping and antiquing. Occasionally he can be seen taking long walks in the evenings down the crooked allies of the city. On summer nights you can find him perched on the top landing of the public stairways moleskin in one hand,  brown bag in the other. On a rare occasion he may be found fishing the Allegheny from the sunken barges under the R. D. Fleming Bridge without a license, or driving too fast on the winding North Hills’ roads by moonlight while smoking to many cigarettes. He loves to eat pizza while watching movies of all kinds. Joseph wishes he would read a little more and day dream a little less. He often mumbles to himself about this out of habit when he isn’t sure what to say.

Rachel Arnold Sager

Rachel Arnold Sager is a designer, illustrator, and writer living and working in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She likes hot dogs, dog dogs and storytelling. (And dinosaurs.)



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